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The Atma Paradigm webinar series 2020

This course is being broadcast live each Thursday evening starting from 23rd April 2020
Time for live stream:  6.00pm UK time

All recordings from previous broadcast talks along with a pdf of the relevant Powerpoint slides are available on this page. They are uploaded the day after the talk - LINK

Plus:- Reading Notes for each upcoming talk are uploaded five days before the broadcast

Access the live broadcasts

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Or via the ISKCON Cardiff site (no Q&A possible):

Atma Paradigm Webinar Series

All talks available on the Atma Paradigm Youtube channel

TEDx Talk on Consciousness

What is Consciousness? The Hard Problem of Qualia and why consciousness cannot be explained by brain activity.
This TEDx talk was recorded by Akhandadhi das in March 2019 at the University of East Anglia

Qualia and the Brain

A podcast in the Chasing Reality series. Ryan Bissett PhD interviews Akhandadhi das on the issues regarding qualia and the problems in reducing phenomenal experience down to the physical processes within the brain.
Recorded in June 2019