Central issue with Complexity Theory

Akhandadhi das provides a short analysis of the claim that a system that exhibits complex emergent features is certain to be de-centrailised if it cannot be demonstrated that the components of the system are capable of instigating (not just participating in) nonlinear interactions with other components. In the case that there is no evidence of causality within the components, we may need to conclude that there may be some influence or coordination external to the system.

Consciousness & Orch-OR  

Discussion notes on Consciousness and the Orch_OR theory of Penrose & Hameroff
Akhandadhi das speaking with Soumya Devi
10th March 2020

Brainless, Single-Celled Blob Can Make Complex 'Decisions'

A single-celled organism has been shown to change its 'mind' to avoid going near an irritating substance.Rather than being solely "programmed" to do something by our genes, "cells exist in a very complex ecosystem, and they are, in a way, talking and negotiating with each other, responding to signals and making decisions,"

19th December 2019

Women Missing Brain's Olfactory Bulbs Can Still Smell

Some women retain or develop the ability to smell odours even though they do not have an olfactory bulb within their brains. Strangely, they tend to be left-handed. Somehow the plasticity of the brain allows them to find another way to process smell as an internal felt experience.

Richard L Thompson on Quantum Mechanics

Richard Thompson on QM

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