Who we are

The Atma Paradigm is being supported and developed by an informal group of thinkers from the realms of philosophy and science. There is no single organisation or institution behind it.

It is our conviction that many people live a mildly schizophrenic existence. On one hand, they appreciate scientific knowledge and regard its models as the best rational explanation of life and the world. On the other, they retain notions that are more intuitive and which either cannot be extrapolated from physicalist concepts or are in direct contradiction of its assertions. Part of the problem is the difficulty in resolving the reality and value of things like free will, altruism and love with the determinism associated with neural and gene activity. Neither do we help people’s search for value and purpose by introducing the unpredictable effects of the quantum world.

So all that is left for the physicalist model is to propose that we are deluded in believing that there is a real self, that we have free will, that we can define morality or that our life serves some sort of purpose within the universe.

It is not healthy that science is so at odds with human intuition. It seriously questions its limits and agenda. This nurtures scepticism of scientific study, suspicion of new technologies and a fascination with fundamental religious ideas that promise moral and spiritual certainties.

So, if you would like to be a part of this synthesis of science and philosophy, please do contact us and register as a member of one of the forums.

Thanks for your interest.