Atma Paradigm webinar series 2020

Launched on 23rd April 2020

Live broadcasts every Thursday evening at 6pm (UK time)

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What is the Atma Paradigm?

What is consciousness?
What is Matter & Reality?
What is Life and how does it originate & proliferate

The Universe - origins and beyond

These are the big questions of our origins and existence.
The Atma Paradigm provides unique & compelling answers to how it all works. 

It shows how that evidence has been misrepresented by those promoting a physicalist view of the world such as claiming that the brain is the source of consciousness; or that the laws of physics alone can explain the appearance of the universe; or that life is simply chemical activity evolving into evermore complex organisms.

The evidence tells a different story - one that can be understood only by the unique insights of Vedanta, Sankhya & the Yoga traditions.

This is the Atma Paradigm - a comprehensive and science-consistent philosophical framework derived from the Vedic persepctive

The presenter

Akhandadhi das is a philosopher with particular training in the integration of modern science and the philosophies of Vedanta, Sankhya and Yoga. Currently he is the director of the Science & Philosophy Initiative, a UK association with links to the Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies in USA. He is best known as a regular broadcasts on the BBC since 1989

This Webinar

This webinar series is open to all - whether you have a background in science or not.

It will also be suitable, indeed inspirational, to those new to Vedic concepts.

This is an opportunity:
to resolve many of your questions regarding science and philosophy
to discover new insights into the metaphysics of Sankhya
to gain new perspectives regarding consciousness, life, origins etc.
to deepen your appreciation for the brilliance of the the ancient Vedic tradition
to encourage your personal path as an active explorer of the inner world of consciousness


The Atma Paradigm Webinar will cover the following topics:
Part One       The nature of consciousness

Part Two       Understanding matter & how we are conditioned within it 

Part Three     Unravelling life, evolution, transmigration

Part Four       The universe from start to finish and beyond

Transmission & Availability

Each talk will be live online via Facebook from 6.00pm - 6.45pm (UK BST) on Thursday evenings starting 23rd April 2020.  

See below for dates for Part One.

The presentation will be for about 30 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A.
Live participants may ask questions via Chat during the talks.

Access to recordings will be available on the Atma Paradigm youtube channel within a couple of days after each talk

Participants can sign up by email to receive supplementary written materials and PowerPoint slide pdfs


Schedule of talks for Part One


Introduction to the Atma Paradigm

Relationship of science & philosophy

The limits of the scientific process & use of bad philosophy

How the insights of the Vedas address the big questions

The key principles of the Atma Paradigm
Overview of the four parts of the series

Thurs, 23rd Apr’20


What is consciousness?

Clarifying the key aspects of phenomenal consciousness

Starting point - what can we know for certain?

Exercises based on Jiva Goswami’s four arguments
You - the consciousness scientist

‘Unified qualitative subjectivity’

Thurs, 30th Apr’20


Qualia - the ‘Hard Problem’ of consciousness

Is there proof that consciousness is non-physical?

What are qualia? Various types

Exercises exploring how we experience them.

How qualia challenge the idea that the brain can produce consciousness

Thurs, 7th May’20


The Brain Model failure

How does the brain work? What is it capable of?

Francis Crick’s model of perception

Where are qualia? Where is the observer?

More brain problems - sparseness, time lag

The absurd conclusions of physicalist interpretations

Thurs, 14th May’20


Unpacking physicalist theories of consciousness

Theories of consciousness - why so many?

What is their evidence or justification?

Examples of the four types: Diminish, Conjure, Deny, Promise

Identifying the standard flaws of each type

Can we create consciousness with AI?

Thurs, 21st May’20


The atma - an alternative approach

The integration of experience & the analogy of computing

Proposition of a non-neural source of consciousness

Defining the precise nature of the atma

How the atma explains the neuroscience evidence

Addressing the challenges to non-neural consciousness

What is consciousness made of?

Thurs, 28th May’20


The atma - direct evidence

Examples of direct scientific evidence of the atma

Hydrocephalus- do we need a brain

NDEs & OBEs - clinical research evidence

Is there direct evidence for the Brain Model

Evidence for consciousness in animals & plants

Thurs, 4th June’20


Why this is important - and useful

Defining the self - coherent, unchanging, autonomous

The atma as non-temporal

Identification and the VR model

Values, free will, meaning and purpose

How the atma concept opens up the rest of science

Thurs, 11th June’20

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